An Idea!

In the winter of 2003 a group of runners banded together to form a training group known as The Whiteside Running Club. The initial group led by Everett Whiteside and members of the Booker T. Washington High School Track and Field distance squad also included distance runners from surrounding high school track teams. The spring Track season of 2003 saw a unique group of high school distance runners training together under one (although unofficial) moniker.

While the primary core of the club has always been runners from Booker T. Washington High School, runners from Pace, Pine Forest, and Woodham high schools were among the first to train together with the Washington team.

With the University of West Florida providing the only all-weather track surface in the Pensacola, Florida area, distance runners traditionally train there. Additionally, UWF boasts miles of off-road trails, lightly-traveled paved roads, and convenient facilities. It was only matter of time before small training groups began to form and distance runners trained together.

The Club loosely formed on idea that it would run workouts, some long runs, and occasional easy runs from the UWF track. It enabled high school runners an outlet for a “group training” dynamic in the off-season. Over the years as Booker T. Washington expanded its local dominance of high school distance running, the Club became a “side project” of sorts for the BTWHS distance program. Only recently with the aid of some ingenious marketing, Whiteside Running Club has expanded throughout the Southeast with connections in the Midwest as well.

A common question is: “How do you become a member?” The answer: There is no membership. Whiteside Running Club is for everyone who runs, loves running, or supports running! Wear a singlet, “sport” a shirt, or “rep” a sticker – it’s that easy! Take a look around the site. Enjoy the information, pictures, and other stuff. Visit the store page to check out available merchandise or click the media page and enjoy free downloads to unique Whiteside music mixes. The links page will grow as the site grows to include all sorts of running related information and other cool things related to the mindset that is Whiteside.

First Whiteside Running Club design 2003

The graphic pays homage to Bruce Lee’s film Game of Death. The quote below the graphic is on the back of the shirt and is taken from Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow’sBrainfreeze mix.

The second installment of Whiteside Running Club, 2004.

The graphic incorporates the Tommy Boy Records logo and the film Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. The color scheme on this one was chosen by Kent Wascom and his love for LSU.

This was a “special edition” shirt done in the Winter of 2004.

It was designed as a gift for the Washington HS State Champion Cross-Country team. Only a dozen of these shirts were originally produced. Due to popular demand of this shirt, it was re-issued in 2010. The scheme of the shirt is based on The Godfather logo. The back quote is taken from the film The Mack.

The 2005 shirt is inspired by the film Wild Style.

The color scheme from the original artwork was altered to something “bright” and “explosive.” The back quote for this shirt was also taken from the film and can be heard at the beginning of the Beastie Boys song “Professor Booty.”

Also known as “The Symbol of Excellence,” this design became the main logo for the club hereafter. It first appeared in 2006.

Inspired by the Rage Against the Machine album Evil Empire, this design found its way to WRC in 2007.

Originally rejected as a design for a Wildcat Cross-Country shirt, it became a favorite WRC shirt. The back quote for this shirt featured song lyrics from Eric B. & Rakim’s “Microphone Fiend.”

Quickly becoming a classic, this Run-DMC inspired design appeared in 2008.

The first production run was poorly produced and the shirt was reinstated (under a new printer) in 2009. The back quote featured lyrics from the Run-DMC song “Raising Hell.” Originally, there were two ideas for Run-DMC lyrics on the back. A different set of lyrics was decided against by alumni runners. The overall design of the shirt is based on Run-DMC’s “King of Rock” shirt from 1985 Fresh Fest Tour.

This design was also originally a Washington HS shirt design. It was overruled by administration as being “too political.” The shirt features a silhouette of the famous image of Tommie Smith and John Carlos from the 1968 Mexico Olympics. While the two are raising a Black Power fist, the motivation for their display was to bring world awareness to the Civil Rights Movement here in the US in 1968. The original intention of the shirt design was to bring awareness to our track team (with a bold image) which had won numerous district championships in recent years but yet received very little attention at school. The back quote on this shirt featured lyrics from Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power.” Ironically, the “powers that be” had no issue with the “WTF” initials on the front of the shirt.


This 2008 design is inspired by the font used on posters for the film A Clockwork Orange and features an image of Ludwig Van Beethoven. The idea came from reading the back of a Beethoven action figure package. After deciding on a common image of the revered composer, a back quote which sums up the essence of Cross-Country (although, Beethoven applied it to composing the perfect symphony) was chosen: “The most excellent receive joy through suffering.”
In 2009 the “WTF” shirt was modified after the summer to become this design. This is now the standard design of the “WTF” shirt.
The movie Blade Runner served as the inspiration for the front pocket design of the special edition “Streamlined” shirt.
2009 saw the second special edition shirt created. This shirt was produced in very limited quantities and was never available for purchase. The idea of this shirt arose from a late night discussion at running camp that summer. The saying on the shirt was coined by one of those runners, Corey Hunter. However, Brian Potts was the one who planted the seed that grew into the idea for the shirt. The graphic pictured is actually on the back of the shirt. The front features a pocket size graphic from the film Blade Runner. The inspiration for the text “Streamlined” is also from this movie.
2010 brought the most universal WRC shirt to date. The “Buddha” design was inspired by a sticker taken from a pole in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco during the summer of 2009. The back quote comes from the book Zen and the Art of Happiness written by Chris Prentiss.
The front design of the Fall 2010 Whiteside Running Club shirt is directly inspired from the Public Enemy logo. The graphic here is slightly larger than normal pocket size.
This is the back design of the Fall 2010 shirt. The graphic features the depiction of the first round knockout of Sonny Liston by Muhammad Ali. For a little something different, I used a poster edge effect on this graphic and added a few a touches (Ali’s belt says, “WRC”). The quote on this one comes from the film Pulp Fiction. Of all the ideas and brilliant quotations from this movie, this made it to a Whiteside shirt first.